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How do Recovery Houses and Sober Living Homes Help?

A study by the NCBI in 2011 followed 300 “treated” and “untreated” addicts and/or alcoholics over 18 months in sober living homes. In that study, they confirmed that sober living homes or “Recovery Residences” drastically increased the odds for long term sobriety AND significantly decreased relapse. Furthermore, they found that sobriety without relapse was DIRECTLY increased when the newly sober addict/alcoholic was in a sober home where management was in place. According to the study, they recommend that a person commit to a sober living environment for a minimum of 90 days to one (1) year, for best results.

What is Structured Sober Living?

Structured sober living differs from the traditional sober living concept (old concept) with the addition of a couple key components to ensure the newly sober alcoholic/drug addict is held accountable for what they commit to.

There is a lot of evidence that shows structure, although trying at times, is very healthy. It builds self confidence and establishes direction to one’s routine. Adding these key components to the sober living experience offers the newly recovering addict/alcoholic a much stronger foundation to build a new happy, healthy sober life.

Why Riverhouse?

Riverhouse is a NARR compliant, LARR certified, LEVEL 2, 12 step based “recovery residence” (a.k.a. sober house). In 2012, Riverhouse  was born from an observation. There appeared to be a clear lack of accountability and structure when a sober house is run and managed by newly recovering addicts and alcoholics (level 1 homes). Riverhouse uses the same democratic format as those houses but has a couple of additional components such as an on site house manager  that oversees the house and holds each member to its structure and a unique 3 phase system that encourages accountability and a sustainable lifestyle.


In short… Riverhouse is an A++ house. Riverhouse is a recovery focused environment that nurtures personal accountability, dependability and a reintegration. It’s run with love, care and concern for the guy’s best interests. It’s a safe place to recover and very warm and inviting (not hospital or facility like) in addition to the grounds being expansive and beautiful to say the least.

On a more personal note, you will be asked to do things that cause growth as a person, build self-esteem and become an active/productive member of society and of course the house. Through the principles of recovery and most importantly, your own work, you can become the person you have always dreamed of becoming. The support is here but recovery can’t be given. Those who won’t do the work don’t make it. The house holds each member accountable and responsible. One of the greatest functions of the house is the fellowship, camaraderie with others struggling through important changes needed for a healthy, happier life with people who have “been there”.

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What’s my review on this place? “Brotherhood that is founded in the protection of sobriety.” The most accurate and helpful reviews, in my opinion, are those that come from an actual experience and/or what someone sees or hears from those who are directly involved. I am the mother of a member of this home. And the reason I call it a home and not a house is because that is how it was described and explained to me by the house manager, Nick, the first day I spoke with him to get more information. So I will start with an attempt to summarize his words, “This is a place that I want everyone who lives here to call home. When they drive up in the driveway I want them to feel like they are home. I want them to bring in the things they need to feel surrounded by the comfort of being at home. This is not just another sober living house. The rules that guide our program are more structured and more strict than most you will find elsewhere but that is why is works. We are very clear with our house rules and expectations. Every member is very clear about how serious and protective this house is with sobriety. We work together to hold each other accountable and we know what it means to “work a program”. I cannot say if your son will or will not relapse and I will do whatever I can to help. It is ultimately up to him, but I promise you it will be uncomfortable to live in his old mindset if he is here.”

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Laura N., Parent

I don’t think I can overstate just how important of a factor this house has been in my recovery and ongoing sobriety. The Riverhouse is everything that a sober living house should be, and if you are not serious about your recovery then you will not last long in this house, simple as that. And trust me, this is definitely a good thing.

As a resident, I was expected to go to meetings, work steps with a sponsor, do volunteer work, help keep the house clean, etc. And the great thing is that everyone living in the house genuinely cares enough to hold each other accountable to these requirements. Sure, there is more structure at the Riverhouse than you would find at an Oxford House, but that is exactly what I needed after going through life for years having no structure whatsoever.

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Matthew R., Previous Resident


When entering the house you commit to a minimum of 3 months (90 days).
Yes, you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to seek employment, but a job is never to interfere with your recovery. That means you don’t get to skip meetings or excuse yourself from house commitments due to work. Recovery first, then employment!
We do not have a dedicated vehicle or driver at your disposal. But, we are located in an area of Lafayette, LA that allows you to ride a bike or catch a cheap cab ride. Also, many times the guys in the house with transportation are willing to help you with a ride to where you need to go if you just ask. Furthermore, the house is located just a short walk from a Lafayette Transit bus stop. You may not be able to go somewhere you want to go anytime you want to but if you need to be somewhere we’ll get you there!
No. Riverhouse is not affiliated with Oxford in any way. Both Oxford houses and Riverhouse are considered sober living homes, but Riverhouse operates under the NARR (National Alliance for Recovery Residences) standards and is considered a level 2 (structured) sober home whereas Oxford houses are level 1 (little or no structure).

We have a lot more questions we have answered. Just click on the “Read More” button to see more answered questions. Feel free to give us a call, or ask us a question either by email or filling out the form.

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Riverhouse understands the importance of a referral source and we try to nurture those relationships.

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Parents & Wives

Family & Loved Ones

Riverhouse understands that your child or loved one is in our care and we are sympathetic to that.

We operate our home based on integrity, respect and accountability. If you have any special requests or needs please talk to us. We understand the importance of having support from both family and facility.

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Future Guests

Future Guests

We get it. Your curious and hesitant. Take a peek at this section. It's just for you and was created to try and put your mind at ease.
If you have any special requests or needs when sending Riverhouse a client please let us know.

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